Frederic Timperman is one of the leading carve-out expert backed with extensive international experience covering various industries.

Mix of consulting & industry experience working for buyer and seller.

Ability to consult in English, French and Dutch.

More details on LinkedIn.

Previous carve-out clients

Business Industry Geography Buyer Seller Duration
Tom&Co Retail BE/LU/FR Private Delhaize 6 months
Polyolefin Spec Chemical Italy Private Solvay 4 months
Solvin & Chlorchemical Base chemical Europe Ineos Solvay 18 months
OTN Telecom Worldwide GIMV (*) Nokia 12 months
Fenwall Medical devises Worldwide TPG (*) Baxter 9 months
Tagora Advertising BE/FR Private Artexis 6 months
Xerox Leasing Leasing FR GE Capital Xerox 6 months

(*) Private equity firm.


Frédéric shows a natural leadership of the team. He is well organized and foresees the issues before they arise. He is able to simplify complex problems to methodically solve them step by step. He reinforces the team just in time in such a way that the people do not get overloaded. As a summary, he is the perfect project leader you need.

Paul Vanderhoeven - Senior VP Finance Solvay

Frédéric has the right skills to manage very complex projects under heavy time pressure. He used a very systematic approach to get all the sub-task ready during OTN Systems’ carve-out from NSN. His excellent financial background and people management skills were also crucial for the success of our project. I really enjoyed working with him. It feels good knowing that your back is covered at all times.

Wim D’Hooghe - CEO OTN systems

Frédéric is a highly organized, objective driven, independent and hardworking professional always ready to put his energy to get the job done. I had the opportunity of working with him within the framework of setting up a very complex and large business restructuring and his support is remarkable. Well educated and enthusiastic, Frederic is able to work in a fast-paced environment while keeping track of the many dimensions that a business transition entails.

Josep-Maria Gascon - International Tax Director Solvay