How it works


I offer two carve-out services:

  • Fixed price solutions to start-up your carve-out project
  • Consulting services on carve-out project

I work for the seller as well as for the buyer.

How to get to know me ?

Carve-Out heads-up

I answer all your questions and go through the “heads-up questionnaire” to answer to questions you did not think about.

The “heads-up questionnaire” is an invaluable list of questions developed during years of carve-out experience covering all dimensions you need to think about in preparation for your carve-out.

Deliverable: “Heads up questionnaire”
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: Euros 500 + VAT (*)

Carve-Out Bootcamp

I work with your management team or project team to raise your awareness, answer your questions and develop a first skeleton of the “Carve-Out Roadbook” covering:

  • Key activities required until Day 1 (**)
  • High level project plan to reach Day 1
  • Project organisation needed to complete the carve-out

The “Carve-Out Bootcamp” is the ideal way to start your carve-out journey.

Deliverable: “Carve-Out Bootcamp” completed
Duration: 2 days
Cost: Euros 4000 + VAT (*)

(*) Fees deductible from Carve-Out Roadbook.
(**) The Day 1 is the first day of operational activity of the independent business – typically the day after the financial closing.

How to work with me ?

Carve-Out Roadbook

I work with you and your team during an intense couple of weeks through a well-defined & proven process to ensure the best possible start for your carve-out project.

I go through a sequence of interviews, call and physical workshops to develop the carve-out pillars in detail:

  • Operating model: description of the way the business operates on Day 1
  • Project plan: Milestone plan & project plan by workstream covering the period until Day 1
  • Activity list: List of main activities to perform by workstream
  • Project team: Detailed description of the project team required to succeed (incl: Resources requirements business case, job description and project organisation)
  • Project governance: Complete project structure ensuring follow-up of project (incl project organisation, sets of meetings, roles & responsibilities, follow-up templates, coaching..)

You can choose between three Carve-Out Roadbook solutions depending on the number of pillars you want to cover:

Standard Advanced Premium
Operating model
Project plan
Activity list
Project team
Project governance
Duration 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks
Price (*) (*) (*)

(*) Fixed price available on request.